What is the Justice
GovTech Strategy?

What is the Justice
GovTech Strategy?

The Justice GovTech Strategy is a set of collaborative innovation and digital transformation initiatives, which involve universities, research centres and startups in designing solutions to transform the way Justice works and provides its services.

We believe that together we can better respond to the concrete challenges of Justice bodies, and thus deliver more agile, efficient, and people-centred services.

Main goals

  • Accelerating the modernisation and digital transformation of the Justice sector.
  • Fostering a culture of collaborative innovation by bringing justice entities closer to national and international innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.
  • Identifying and sharing best practices on the use of emerging technologies, as well as GovTech and LegalTech initiatives.

How we are
transforming Justice

Identify and Co-Create

Challenging stakeholders to identify and respond to the most pressing issues in the Justice sector.

Skills for Innovation

Reinforcing Justice professionals’ skills and encourage a culture of innovation.

Research and Test

Bringing universities and polytechnics closer to the Justice sector to develop knowledge on Justice innovation.


Putting into practice solutions that came out from the new culture of collaborative innovation.

Do you have innovative ideas
for conceptual search?
Apply to the INPI’s challenge
and participate in the 1st Edition of the

Competition for ideas to solve concrete challenges launched by Justice bodies or entities. Initiative open to interested parties, but with a special focus on startups.